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Dr. Shailesh Jain is a well renowned, qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi. His qualification comprises BAMS from M.D. University Rohtak, Haryana and MD (Ayurveda) Kayachikitsa from Guwahati University - Assam. He has successfully been practicing for the last so many years and has earned a high goodwill in this field.

Dr. Shailesh Jain offers the expertise Ayurvedic Treatment for Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer and many other diseases, that’s what makes him one of the experienced Ayurvedic cancer specialist doctors in Delhi, India. He has gained sufficient expertise in treating various kinds of tumors thus he is also recalled as an eminent and the best Ayurvedic Oncologist doctor for the treatment of tumors in India.

Furthermore, he also offers the best Ayurvedic treatment of mouth cancer, throat cancer, malignancy and many more.

Benign Tumor or Neoplasm - They are slow in growing and localized, without causing much difficulty to the host.

So for a right guidance and treatment for various types of Cancers as stated above, Dr. Shailesh Jain can be your right choice, because he has expertise knowledge and experience of this field along with a proven track of record, substantiated by the testimony of his patients.

Malignant Tumor or Neoplasm - When they proliferate rapidly spread throughout the body and may cause death of the host, is known as Malignant Tumor.

All kinds of Tumors, whether Benign or Malignant Tumor, has two components:

  • Parenchyma : Parenchyma comprised by proliferating tumor cells. This determines the nature of the tumor.

  • Supportive Stroma : Supportive Stroma means fibrous connective tissue and blood vessels, it provides the framework, on which the Parenchyma Tumor cell grows. The Tumor derives their nomenclature, on the basis of the Parenchyma component. Most of the time, “omaa” is added as a suffix to denote benign tumors. Malignant tumors of Epithelial origin are called Carcinomas. While Malignant mesenchymal tumors are named Sarcomas (sarcos-fleshly) However, some Cancer are composed of highly undifferentiated cells and are referred to as undifferentiated malignant tumors. Verily Combination of Carcinoma and Sarcoma are encountered, called as Carcino Sarcoma.

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