Causes of Cancer

Causes of Cancer - As we know, our human body is the composition of trillions of living cells and and every has to perform a specific assigned job. These Cell crops up at a certain time and dies automatically in an orderly fashion. Sometimes, this orderly system breaks down and the living cells do not die and the body also do not need them. Then these Extra cells forms a mass of tissues called Tumour. Every Tumour is not cancerous. For instance Benign tumour(localised tumours which do not spread to other parts of the body are considered as non cancerous. As against it, there are other types of Tumours like Malignant Tumours which spread to other parts of the body are cancerous Tumours. So, Cancer can be termed as as distorted version of normal selves.

More than 100 types of cancers are known to the people, if we term the cancer not as a single disease, but as a group of diseases will not be erroneous one. As per the updated knowledge about the growth of cancer lies in the fact there are basically two factors responsible for the growth of cancer in human body which are as person’s genetic makeup and exposure to certain external agents or Carcinogens. The Genetic Makeup related factor is also called as Internal Unavoidable factor and Exposure to External Avoidable Factors. Internal Unavoidable factors needs to be treated as per the advice of the doctor.

  • But the External Avoidable Factors which may cause cancer are listed here may help the people to reduce the chances of getting cancer.

  • Tobacco Consumption
  • Tobacco causes a cancer, it is a general campaign launched by various governments and Cancer Awareness Organisation. So, People should avoid the use of Tobacco in all its form such as Smoking, Chewings etc.

  • Environment Exposure
  • As we are in the grip of various types of pollution such as Air Pollution, Ultraviolet Radiation, minimize use of X rays etc.

  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Alcohol Consumption is also a factor responsible for the growth of Cancer. So, People should Quit Drinking, if they can not quit drinking, then they should follow the prescribed norms of drinking.

  • Diet, Exercise and Weight Control
  • Life Style of an individual is also responsible for the growth of cancer. If we take rich diet, having high fat potentiality and do not go for exercise, then such conditions increases the risk of cancer. In the same way, if we do not take proper diet as per our psychic necessity then this condition also invite the risk of cancer.

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