Chemical Carcinogens

Having a vast experience of treatment of cancer by different ayurvedic methods enables Dr. Shailesh Jain offering the best treatment for cancer caused by Chemical Carcinogens. The chemical Carcinogens cause Lung Cancer, Bladder Cancer, etc. Ayurvedic methods give you quick relief from such kind of cancer if performed properly and thoroughly, that’s what Dr. Shailesh Jain do, therefore his Ayurvedic methods are so effective in the treatment of cancer.

A. Smoking is one of the example of Chemical Carcinogen is often seen case of Lung Cancer

B. Another Example of Skin Cancer is quite common due to contact (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compound) in Kashmir due to carry of Kangri under their clothes very close to abdomen for the purpose of warmth. So, Skin Cancer of the abdominal wall is common among them.

C. Tobacco and betel nut chewing cancer of the oral cavity is most common in people, chewing tobacco and betel nuts

D. Naphthylamine is common in dye and Rubber Industries is a big factor for bladder cancer.

E. Miscellaneous insecticides alkaline, dieldrin chlordane etc also are carcinogenic agent.

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