Kidney Cancer

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*Blood in Urine*Pain or pressure in the side or back *Swelling on the ankles or legs*High Blood Pressure*A mass or lump in the side or back*Anemia which is a low red blood *Fatigue or loss of appetite*Loss in weight*Recurrent fever not due to cold, flu and from other infections

The aforesaid symptoms do not make it sure, that, the patient is the victim of kidney cancer. But are the indicative features of kidney cancer. As an awakening call, patient needs an urgent check from a proper doctor.

Preventive Measures - Cancer Treatment in Delhi

As a Preventive Measure, People should avoid the the following

  1. Use of Tobacco and Smoking be avoided - As the usage of such products cause the cancer and double the risk of the patients.
  2. High Fat Diet Causes obesity which increases the risk of cancer
  3. High Blood Pressure - It Causes many diseases including Cancer

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