Physical Carcinogens

The Physical Carcinogens cause Skin Cancer and Dr. Shailesh Jain, being one of the best Ayurvedic cancer specialist doctors in Delhi offering the Ayurvedic treatment for Skin Cancer and Leukemia (Blood Cancer). If you are looking for a world-class Ayurvedic doctor for the treatment of such kind of cancer then no one can treat better than Dr. Shailesh Jain.

A. Radiation (Physical):-Ultra Violet(UV) Light and Ionizing Radiations are two main forms of Radiation, those are Carcinogens.

B. The Ultra Violet Light:- The Main Source of UV Radiation is the sunlight, the other are UVV Lamp and Welders. UV Light penetrates the skin -- millimeters only so, that its effect is limited to Epidermis . In human excessive to UV rays can cause various forms of skin cancer like Squamous cell, Carcinoma basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Due to Radiation of UV Rays, there is Induction of Mutation results in skin Cancer.

D. Ionizing Radiation :-Ionizing Radiation includes all kinds of X-Rays, alpha beta rays and radioactive isotope problems and neutrons may cause cancer also. Most frequently, Radiation induced Cancers are Leukemia (Blood Cancer) also known as Blood Cancer in day to day Language.Higher incidence of semgen and Malignant tumor or Leukemia's Blood Cancer is common in Japanese after nuclear weapons disaster. Mainly due to radiation, after the cellular DNA and damage to the DNA resulting in Mutation. Further results in Carcinoma cancer.

E. Non Radiation Physical Carcinogens :-Mechanical Injury to the tissues, such as from stones in the gall bladder in the urinary tract and healed sears following burns on trauma has been suggested as the cause of increased risk of Carcinoma.

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