Prostate Cancer

Dr. Jain has earned enough expertise in curing the Prostate Cancer patients in Delhi. He has been serving the prostate cancer patients with his knowledge of Ayurveda and offers them the best treatment based on the Ayurveda System from a long time. He has cured a large number of cancer patients in his career and still counting.


Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Frequent need urination, especially at night with urgency.

  1. Difficulty in starting or holding back urination.
  2. Painful or burning in urination.
  3. Weak, dribbling or interrupted flow of urine.
  4. Blood in the urine or semen
  5. Pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, pelvis or thigh
  6. Painful ejaculation A decrease in the amount of fluid ejaculated and many other such symptoms etc.
  7. The aforesaid symptoms do not mean the persons having such symptoms is the the victim of prostate cancer. These symptoms may be the result of some other disease. But as per the advice of the experts, the patient should go for proper test of cancer. The reason is simple, the early detection of cancer is desirable for proper treatment.
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