In Ayurveda, The Major Text is Charak Samhita for Medicinal Treatment and Sushruta SamhitaFor Surgical Treatment. This Ayurveda is a Science of Heaven, used by God and Lord Indra.Ayurveda entirely propounded by Lord Brahma to Rishi Bhardwaj.Ayurveda providesKnowledge of etiology, symptomatology and therapeutics.

In Human Body, there are three types of Physical Doshas, which are as:
1. Vata
2. Pitta
3. Kapha

There are seven types of Dhatus, such as:
1. Rasa
2. Rakta
3. Mamsa
4. Medha
5. Asthi
6. Majja
7. Shukra

According to Ayurveda, biological Balance is necessary for a healthy individual. Disequilibriumof Dosha and Dhatu is known as disorder or disease. While Equilibrium of Dosha and Dhatu isknown as state of health. In Ayurveda, disease has been explained, broadly speaking, there arethree types of diseases as :

1. Innate (Due to Bodily Doshas)
2. Exogenous (Due to Organism)
3. Psychic

Innate is that, which arises due to bodily doshas and Exogenous is that, which is caused byBhute(Spirit and organism) fire, air, and traumatic. Psychic is that, which is caused by non-fulfillment of desire

As explained earlier in Ayurveda, that Vata, Pitta and Kapha are three somalic dosha of humanbody as
1. Location of Vayu in body :- Urinary trait, Colon, waist, legs, feet, bone, and intestine, arethe main location of vayu
2. Location of Pitta:- Sweat, Chyle, Lymph, Blood and Stomach are the location of Pitta,particularly Stomach.
3. Location of Kapha:- Chest, Neck, Joints, Stomach, Fats are the Main Location of kapha

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